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    I'd like to keep using Perch but they seem to be making it increasingly difficult. I'm trying to buy my first licence since changing to a subscription but keep getting this error when trying to purchase it

    IntegrationError: stripe.redirectToCheckout: You must provide one of lineItems, items, or sessionId.

    Anyone else had this?

    The problem was in the file Byron suggested perch/core/lib/PerchAuthenticatedUser.class.php.

    I was using a V3 version of Perch which had $path = '/activate/v3/'; on line 193 but using a V4 licence key. After changing to $path = '/activate/v4/'; I was able to login.

    I've recently been having issues with license keys, I am getting the message 'Sorry, your license key isn't valid for this domain.' when trying to login, I've checked and my domain seems to match the key in my Perch account. I've looked through other forum posts and the problem is usually a PHP problem but I'm using Perch 4 and the PHP version is 7.3.25. Any ideas what the problem could be?

    A customer wants to change his domain from to, I've moved the site but when I change the live domain in the licence key options I can't login to Perch from the new domain, I get the error 'Sorry, your license key isn't valid for this domain.'

    It's very old Perch 2 website, could this be the problem?

    I have a product which has 2 options (option 1 + £2.00 and option 2 + £4.00).

    Is it possible to make these checkboxes, so a customer can select just one or select both and then add to the cart? As far as I can see options are set so you can just select one at a time.

    I have fields within the form which use cart-property="message" so the customer can include text with their order, not sure if this is a custom fieldtype though?

    Yes, you are correct is saying the code shouldn't be executing, it is adding the to the cart successfully.

    Currently the variant adds to the cart per item, is there a way of adding a set price variant, for example if a customer checked the variant checkbox it would add £50 to the order whether the customer wants 30 or 100 items?

    I am getting the following PHP error when adding products to the cart which have variants. Am I doing something Wrong?

    The each() function is deprecated. This message will be suppressed on further calls in MY URL on line 208

    I'm using the example add to cart form for the perch docs and PHP version 7.3.15.

    I've set up multiple blogs each using a different default master template and category set.

    Everything seems to be working correctly until I add tags to a post in the meta and social tab. After saving, the post page template changes from my custom template back to post.html.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Yes this page exists, I need to to get 'before-the-day' and 'wedding-invitations' from the URL to filter my products by category

    This page uses a master page with the URL pattern category/[slug:cat]/[slug:subcat]

    Maybe I don't understand the routing enough, and am doing this wrong?