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    Loving the idea of allow website members to create collection items from frontend forms, but I must be doing something wrong, nothing happens when the form is submitted.

    I have this on a 'create' page:

    1. <?php
    2. perch_template('content/qaa/create', [
    3. 'token' => perch_member_get('token'),
    4. 'member' => perch_member_get('id'),
    5. ]);
    6. ?>

    And this in the 'create' form template:

    Form outputs fine with values in hidden fields, but when I add a value for 'business_name' and submit. The page reloads and nothing is added to the 'QAA' collection. What am I missing?

    Hi there, I have a number of legacy Perch websites that are having email deliverability issues. Both general Perch emails, Forms app email and Members app emails. I understand a Transactional email service is the way to go these days. Wondering if anyone can recommend services that they know work with Perch? These are low level email websites, so reasonable priced would be great as well. Thanks!