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    I'm getting the error define('PERCH_SECURITY_HEADERS', false); when trying to login to my Perch account.

    There are errors in the PHP log like this:-

    [06-Jun-2020 07:59:52 Europe/London] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/hypnot/public_html/perch/config/config.php:26) in /home/hypnot/public_html/perch/core/lib/PerchUtil.class.php on line 233

    Nothing has been changed by me and my web host denies messing anything up. Can anyone help please?

    I've followed the instructions to installing the gallery although I could do the "If you want to use the field type, copy the addons/fieldtypes/albumlist folder to perch/addons/fieldtypes/" part as that folder wasn't in the installation folder. I'm not sure how relevant this is anyway to having a simple gallery added to the page.

    I've added an image to the gallery, but I cannot see how to put the gallery in a page. I've tried adding

    1. <perch:content id="album" type="albumlist" label="Album">

    but my gallery image is not showing on the page.

    I usually only use the very basic Perch functions as anything more than that seems very complicated as this exercise seems to have confirmed.