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    I'd like some clarification on whether the Shop SCA issue is going to be addressed. This could have some ramifications for my clients that use Perch Shop.

    This is the same for me too and the timing of this thread being active again is spooky. We took the heavy-hearted decision to move away from Perch/Runway because of the issues raised in this thread. Our clients must have a platform that is supported and continuing to be pushed forward and I was hoping the new subscription model would achieve that as we'd have no problem at all paying for it.

    We have one client using a very active online shop that we built with Shop and to say they are nervous of all that's going on is an understatement. I know SCA is not enforced yet, but they are only willing to wait until the end of May before making the decision to port the shop to a new platform. They have been asking us for this for 8-9 months so I can't blame them. It doesn't sound like an update is due but I'm keeping my fingers crossed just in case.

    It's great to hear from Rachel though and as always, she's been very honest with us. I would hope both her and Drew know how thankful we are of all the efforts they have put in to build a wonderful product to work with.