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    Can´t login in the pearch admin after pausing for a while

    I didn´t use my pearch installation for a while. When I try to login into the admin sction of my webpage, there is this error message:

    Quote from Sorry, your license key isn't valid for this domain. Log into your Perch account and add the following as your live or testing domain:

    My licence key is valid. But I can´t remember my user name and the password. Where can I get my user name in the member area of pearch. I can´t find any hints.

    There is only a little to fix on the webpage. So I won´t bring my current installation on the newest state.

    I´m using Pearch 2 and the webpage is still working fine. You can find it under:

    And you can find the error message under

    Please give me a hint!

    Thanks Norbert