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    Hi Drew, thanks for your quick reply. The hosting people have checked the server, upgraded PHP to 7.0 and the installation has worked. I couldn't speak to them directly but I'm guessing you are correct or something wasn't setup correctly server-side. I've never had any problems with previous installs. Thanks again.


    I'm trying to install Perch on a Linux server running PHP 5.6 running Maria DB. I have uploaded Perch via FTP to the hosting root however when I try to run the install script (/perch/setup) I'm receiving an error in the web browser reading 'HTTP Error 500 (This page isn’t working: is currently unable to handle this request).'

    The error log reads:

    11767 [Mon Feb 18 08:50:35 2019] [error] [client] AH01215: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /home/sites/ on line 10: /home/sites/

    I haven't had any problems with previous installs and was wondering whether anyone can offer any advice?

    Many thanks