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    Thanks, again, Hussein.

    Yes, I have "Edit all items on one page" and "Allow multiple items" are both checked. So, yes, all the items are editable on the one page.

    Would it help if I uncheck "Edit all items on one page"?

    However, given that now 450 is a lot of entries, is there an easy way to delete multiple items quickly? I can sacrifice some!

    Thanks for your response, Hussein.

    I am using a multi-item region, and see that I have 449 items on my page! I had deleted some on Monday/Tuesday but still could not bring up a new empty item to fill in. However, today I tried again and was able to create my new item. Am I right that 449 (it would have been a bit more) is on the large side! If I am right, is there a simple way of deleting items within the db rather than doing it manually in the editing screen?

    Perch CMS. I have been adding short text blocks to a page once a week since 2011 (!) and suddenly cannot add any more. "Save and Add Another" does not provide an empty box to complete! I was on Perch 2.7 and thought upgrading to 3 might solve it.

    It seems there may be a limit I need to understand. I deleted some of the earliest text blocks but it made no difference. Has anyone any advice to offer please?