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    First off let me say I was excited to hear about the upcoming release of v4! Thanks, Drew and Rachel for all of your work on Perch. I received the email regarding the new licensing and I think it's a great approach for sustainability. I've used other CMS products that were essentially abandoned by the developers when license sales didn't cover the amount of time and effort involved in maintenance and support. I get that too, but it left me as the designer holding the bag and scrambling to take care of my clients. So thank you again for working to develop a new licensing model rather than closing up shop.

    The announcement email raised a few questions for me that I hope you may be able answer as I anxiously await the new release. (I also understand if you choose to reveal this at a later date instead of answer via the forum.)

    1. I've got a handful of projects that I will need Perch licenses for in the next month or so. There's no real pressing timeframe on them so I can wait if need be, but I was wondering how buying now vs. waiting will affect me.

    2. How will the new release affect unapplied upgrades to Runway that are currently in our account? Will I be able to use that on a v4 Perch license or must it be used on a v3 license?

    3. Assuming that Perch 4 will still be 2 products, Perch and Perch Runway, do you anticipate a difference in license renewal prices between the two products after 12 months to maintain support and upgrades?

    Thanks for your time in considering these questions and again, for the work you put into Perch.


    Hi Everyone,

    I have a very minor problem that I’m hoping someone can help me with. I’m in the US and there were a few changes that I wanted to make to localize the perch admin from gb-en to us-en. I was able to make a few changes by duplicating and renaming the Language file in Perch. For example, I changed “given name” to “first name” which is more common here as well as a few others. The only other thing I would like to change is “Organise” to “Organize” in the admin panel navigation on the left. However, I can’t find it in the Language file. Is this something that can be changed easily? Any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance!