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    Steps taken to update to 2.8.34:

    1. downloaded latest version of Perch2

    2. replaced perch/core on the server with perch/core from the downloaded file

    3. navigated to '' in the browser

    The problem persists. Docs say to login and perch will update itself, but that remains impossible.

    I have also attempted login in incognito mode to make sure it is not a caching issue.

    Can I ask how you determined the version of perch the site is currently running?


    I also posted this in general content, i think it may have been in the wrong forum - sorry for the duplicate post.

    An old client contacted me today complaining they could no longer log into their Perch2 admin.

    Initially I assumed it was due to the agency that I worked for at the time had gone out of business. So I updated the site's config.php to use a perch licence key i own.

    However this did not resolve the issue.

    The site had not been updated for some years so I have updated the host server config to:

    php 7.2

    sql 5.0.12 (running on maria db server v10)

    and updated perch/core using 2.8.34

    I also ran the updater perch/core/update

    I am receiving password resets, but I still cannot log in due to the 'Sorry, your license key isn't valid for this domain.'

    My perch licences account uses the same email as my forum account.

    Can you help?