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    Thanks for getting back to me Ian but I do need to use a different 'welcome' email templates when a user registers. Consider this scenario; A new user registers and part of the registration form asks what range of products they are interested in. Using this info send a welcome email with details of the account manager for that product range. I'm sure there must be a way to provide this functionality?

    Hi, when a new member registers is it possible to send a different email depending on the value chosen in a <perch:input type="select"...? For example if a new member registers and selects a country from a dropdown list on the registration form the welcome email can contain contact details for that country. Thanks, Jon


    I have a form with a perch:input type select which can either be 'Yes' or 'No'. I'd like to use the form to add a tag to the logged in member if the value is 'Yes' and remove the tag when the value is 'No'. Not sure how to update tags using templates as opposed to functions?