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    I had a website built for me back in 2012. It's small, ~15 pages, <100Mb, but I'm starting to get problems running perch 2.2.3 (see my other post) and am currently unable to update my website.

    I'm not technically minded so I'm looking for a developer with short-term availability to quote for getting my installation updated (and supporting software like PHP, while we're at it). Please get in touch if interested.

    Hi, I hope someone can help. My installation is rather old - perch 2.2.3, php 5.6. Trying to access my control panel today, I get directed to /core/update, which claims an update has completed. 'Continue' button routes to the control panel, but that just bounces back to /core/update.

    Clearly, it's high time to update, but does anyone know whether/how I can break out of the loop so I can update my content in the meantime?

    I've tried 'force=accept', mentioned in this old post:…anging-on-software-update