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    Thanks Ryan, I really appreciate your response.

    I think the server account had been hacked and as part of the hack, the user for the database had been deleted (the database luckily hadn't).

    So, I set the user back up again and hey just to stop hackers in the future!

    Thanks again.


    The website is and the page is

    The page was set up in 2011 and has been running fine until it was noticed today that the data was missing so the page is effectively blank.

    When I try to connect to, I get the error

    Perch could not connect to the database

    Please check that the access details specified in config.phpare correct.

    Try again

    The site is hosted on a shared server running PHP 5.4.

    I've tried changing PHP to 5.6 and 7 but the page then starts to throw up errors.

    Assuming I needed to upgrade Perch, I uploaded the new core files but then got an error: Fatal error: Class 'PerchRequest' not found in perch/inc/loader.php on line 34

    I have reverted to the backup files of Perch so it was as it was when the blank pages were noticed earlier this evening.

    Can you shed some light on what may have happened and what I need to do to rectify?

    Thank you,