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    Hi All,

    I built our site using Standard Perch a while back and it has grown quite a bit in page content since the original project.

    The site contains a simple "List - Detail" page setup that's being used as a way of displaying a wide range of Support articles relating to our SasS based application. This also has a basic Search function specifically setup to query the content only from that Support section of the site.

    We've noticed that if we Search by the exact title of the Support page/article we're aiming for, it sometimes doesn’t show up anywhere close to the top results. For example, if we try a search for "Order Status" (searching for a page/article titled "Order Status" doesn't seem show up until the 4th page). We understand this is generally because our pages/articles have the string "Order Status" pretty much scattered through most of the page/article.

    I'm wondering if there is a way of filtering the content search so that keywords place more importance on page/article titles, over page/article content?

    We seem to always be getting the desired article very low in the results, event when typing the exact page/article title.

    Any and all help appreciated, Thanks!