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    Hi hus_hmd,
    Forgive me for jumping on this thread, but my question is related ...

    The payment solution can be anything. You can always integrate something like Stripe without using Perch Shop so you don't have to deal with Perch Shop's current issues. If this requires a recurring payment solution, Perch Shop is not an option anyway.

    ... For a website using Runway that has both products to sell and a subscription based members access area, in you opinion, would it be okay to use Perch Shop to manage the products and also separately bypass Perch Shop by using something like Stripe or Paypal Subscriptions to manage the recurring payments? I have a Pilates Classes site to build which our client hopes to have a monthly subscription for members to access videos and a shop to sell products such as mats and other equipment. I guess there would need to be two separate checkouts?

    Thank you in advance,