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    Thank you!

    I feel exactly the same way, but the clients (the website owner is a client of a client) are adamant that they want to be able to do this themselves and I can't find anything that seems to be better suited than what we did before, so...

    So, I have one more question... I know I will have to update the base HTML page again shortly. Am I going to run into the same problem when I do that? Will I have to reinstall the Perch database and all when I update the HTML page?

    Thanks again!

    I installed Perch on one page of a client's HTML/CSS site about 6 years ago. We recently updated the HTML file and they lost access to the Perch interface. I didn't have time to trouble shoot and so we simply updated the info on the page for them and remove the Perch from the site to keep it active.

    I have copious notes from the original install (cause it was a giant pain and I am not a developer, just a graphic designer who knows some HTML/CSS) and the license number for the software. It's been 6 years and I know Perch has been updated. So I am wondering what our options are. Should I upgrade? Purchase a new copy? Try to reinstall?

    The actual page that needs the Perch is, the old files that were originally uploaded are at my staging site I have also attached a screenshot jpg showing the area that needs to be editable.

    Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!