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    On Perch 3.0.11, I try and save a 'code block' region using Perch CMS and I get an error 403. In earlier perch versions it worked.

    The problem seems to be the inclusion of a script. I have generated the error simply by including <script></script>. Other html, divs, ul, li, a, img are OK. As soon as it sees a script... 403!

    Any ideas?

    By the way why does the code block template need editor="markitup"? Seems weird!

    Upgrade instructions look pretty easy. We have no apps, no templates or addons... we don't do anything fancy... straight out of the box. We started with 2.8.15 but upgraded to 2.8.32 in the past. Did the backups. Testing locally so domain is Downloaded perch 3.1.4. Replaced perch/core. Deleted perch/addons/plugins/editors/markitup

    Executed which picked up that it was an upgrade. Continued. OK. We note that the table names still have a prefix of perch2!

    Went to and we got 'Fatal error: Cannot redeclare perch_page_modified() (previously declared in /var/www/html/perch-en/core/apps/content/runtime.php:601) in /var/www/html/perch-en/core/apps/content/runtime.php on line 601'

    Any ideas would be appreciated.