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    Thanks Jordan, it turns out the hosting company did run an upgrade to their servers to PHP version 7.3, which was the issue.

    The site runs perfectly on PHP 7.2.6. They rolled back and the site is running perfectly again.

    Thank you for your help.

    Hi Hussein,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    The issue is not present on my staging or localhost

    The website is hosted via a third party, I only have FTP access, however, I have asked for insight into the questions you have posed.

    I suspect they may have upgraded the version of PHP on the server without informing us. I will revert once I have feedback from the host.

    Thanks again


    Is anyone else experiencing an issue with logging into their CMS? We have not made any updates to the source of our site, we were able to login two days ago and as of yesterday the login does not work, and what even more frustrating is that the login page isn't even throwing an error message.

    I need help urgently, please.



    I am using Runway to manage multiple blogs on the same site.

    I need to display a feed of posts from all blogs except one, however, I cannot seem to filter posts from specific blogs.

    i.e. only show posts from 'Blog A' and 'Blog B' OR show all posts except posts from 'Blog C'

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.]



    I need help, fast! =O

    I have a client site that has been live for a few months to a year now, but just this morning I was uploading an update to include the Forms app (which works perfectly on my local environment), and carelessly overwrote the /perch folder which in my case is /admin.

    The DB access credentials have not changed, yet having replaced the config.php file back to the live site details (as opposed to my localhost), I still cannot connect to the DB.

    Please help!




    I have installed the Forms app, the Forms tab in the admin console has appeared, so I can confirm that the plugin has installed correctly.

    The issue I am having, is that the form on the site is displaying with the error strings over the input fields, and no label on the submit button, making it impossible to fill in or submit.

    It would appear that the <perch:input> tag is not being recognised as an html input, when I inspect the elements the tags aren't closing appropriately.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I'm assuming there's something small that I'm missing here!? :/

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!