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    Managed to solve the issue. You cannot replace the core folder on local and then push to git branch. You have to change the folder on every instance of the app. In our case, local, staging and production. Delete the core folder via FTP and then upload the new core. The git pull on staging and production did not work. (And no, it is not being ignored)

    Very bizarre, but all working now.

    I am upgrading a clients version from 2.8 to latest 3. version. I did the update on localhost - worked perfectly. I then moved it to production and am getting the above error.

    Both systems are running PHP 5.6 ( Yes, I know it's deprecated. ;-) Working on it. ) and MySQL. The system has the right DB and password so connection should not be problem.

    If I switch back to Perch 2.8 it works fine. Anyone had a similar issue that they found a fix for? otherwise any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance...