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    Ok, so I made some progression, when using the setting "New members require approval" the welcome e-mail is sent. I have also figured out how to redirect to a different page after registering. The things I still can't get to work are;

    - Sending welcome e-mails with the setting "New members require approval" turned off.

    - Preventing the the auto-login when a new user registers.

    - Optional: Any way of using verification tokens/links for new members. I have tried fiddling around with Pipit Members, but unfortunately without any luck. The Pipit documentation seems to be very short.

    I hope someone can help me out!

    Hi there,

    I'm currently working with the Perch Members app and I have some questions regarding the status of new members and automatically sending them welcome e-mails. Currently when you register the account status is automatically "active", which is perfectly fine except I need to manually click on "Send welcome email" within Perch. The weird thing is though, the form had "New members require approval" ticked by default, but none the less new member account seem to be "active" without my permission. In the end this isn't an issue for me since I don't want to approve each member, I simply want the welcome email to be sent automatically. Another question I had was when filling in the registration form the new user is automatically signed in. Is it possible to keep the new user signed out send a verification email which contains a link where they verify their email get sent to a login page? Also how can I redirect the user to a different page where I have setup a login form?

    I hope someone can help me out!

    Kind regards,