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    I'm new to the group, though I've been using Perch (in a very restricted fashion) for over 10 years.

    I inherited management of the website of our local radio station, and have been able to change page content using the admin role ever since I started using Perch. I have full access to the hosting server, and am a relatively proficient programmer.

    When I log in to the perch site, using the admin username, I don't seem to have the roles that I would have expected. I see lots of ability to change aspects of Perch in the documentation, but none of it is shown to me when I log in. I've dealt with this annoyance for years, but I really want to be able to fix some niggles (like that one at the bottom of my mail).

    So, when I log in, my initial landing page is this:

    If I click on the "< Pages" link, I get this:

    I don't see any ability to alter other settings.

    Does this give anyone an idea of what my problem might be?

    My first main annoyance is that my Perch editing sessions time out after about a minute, though I've never changed any of the default php variables that control timeouts.

    There's lots of other screwy stuff happening (like at the bottom of the page I've screenshotted above, there are continued (thousands) of entries for a generic "Home page" that never end. Like the following:

    I've looked in these forum pages, and done many general searches (for timeout settings and admin functionality) but I don't seem to be able to find the answers anywhere.

    If someone could set me in the right direction to open up more admin functionality, that would be great.