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    We have a custom app which is using our api to post the form data to an external database. This works fine which is good.

    However in the event of the external api being down or if there are any server side validation error messages we would like to show these in the form results page so the user knows there was a problem.

    How can we return back a message from the custom apps form_handler method and then show it in the form results page?

    This is the form_handler method we are using :

    function custom_app_form_handler($SubmittedForm)


    Clive you hero!

    Thanks so much for this you've saved us hours of further investigation. It helped point us in the right direction and because we are using IIS this post gave us the solution!


    We've just got our first perch site up and running ,however we've hit a snag that's baffling us.

    When we upload images into the assets folder they upload fine, but for some reason don't want to display on the page and just give a broken image link. We've checked the resources folder and the images are sitting there and will download fine via FTP so we know they are not corrupt. The file paths although seemingly correct, seem to be serving up 500 errors and therefore we cannot gain access to the files if we try to access them in this way.

    All working fine on our local machines so a bit stumped. Could it be some sort of caching issue?

    If it helps an example page

    Any help gratefully received.