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    More of a logic problem than a technical problem, if anyone has any thoughts.

    I’m building a shop for a client that prints custom wallpaper.

    They have a large collection of images to choose from, the only thing that affects the price is the quality of paper (three types), and there are no stock concerns.

    I plan on dynamically changing the quantity to reflect the number of square metres, using perch_shop_add_to_cart(1234, 1)

    Would you:

    • Ceate three products in the shop (for each of the paper types), with the price being a price per square metre
    • Either, store the product images as variants, or as a collection (assuming there is then a way to pass that to the basket?)


    • Each image is a new product
    • Paper type is an option, with the three variants
    • Have the client generate the variants and add the prices for each product (potentially hundreds)

    Open to ideas if there’s another way I’m missing.

    Thanks in advance, appreciate any input.