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    Seems like it's the Redactor editor that's stripping the code. There's a true/false setting in Redactor to fix this, but changing it in Perch is somewhat convoluted since it's part of the core files. Can someone let me know where I'm going wrong?

    In /config/config.php I added the line:
    define('PERCH_CUSTOM_EDITOR_CONFIGS', true);

    I added the new (blank) file config.js here:

    I pasted this code in the config.js file:

    Perch.UserConfig.redactor = function () {

    var get = function (profile, config, field) {

    HtmlEditor.RemoveScripts = false;

    return config;


    var load = function (cb) {



    return {

    'get': get,

    'load': load



    I paste a script in the html view of a textarea block in the CMS, I hit save and the script output shows up on the site correctly. But when I go back to edit it, the script has been stripped out by some automatic process, which is leaving html headers and suchlike alone. Saving again saves it without the html. How can I get Perch to stop stripping out my code?

    <perch:content id="body" type="textarea" label="Body Copy" html="true" editor="redactor" />

    I inherited our site from the original designer, and I'm having trouble with adding new categories to its blog.

    The old categories he made work fine. But the new categories I've added aren't showing any posts on their display pages, even though those categories are toggled in various newer posts' editing pages.

    Then, older posts ARE showing up on the correct category display pages, even though there are no toggled categories showing on their editing pages. He imported a lot of these old posts from an even older Blogger blog, FYI.

    I can't find any documentation about this sort of problem. Do you have any tips?

    Hi there. When writing a blog post on the edit page, I "Select or upload an image" and it inserts the featured image at full resolution (say, 120k), which I can see in the stats just above the upload link. Then I press the Save button and it suddenly downsamples it to like 4k or 5k in the stats, using a thumbnail. It looks awful on my site. Why is it doing this, and how do I stop it?