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    Hi Hussein, thanks for your thoughts.

    I tried using your Pipit plugin to detect if user is logged in, and it works except for a small glitch. Sometimes it kicks the user out of control panel, (logs them out) when editing the page where the logged-in…
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    (Quote from JordinB)

    Success is subjective. The product is stable enough even without frequent updates. That's a success. I'm still purchasing licenses. That's a success. I still get Perch development contract work on new projects from agencies…
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    Jotted down a few notes after a recent Runway build. Most of these ideas are (probably) minor things, and some of them would not be new suggestions.

    In no particular order:

    * Last edited by, and date
    Surprising omission, but it would be great if all…
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    Replied to the thread Perch v4 license model.
    My 2 cents: I support perpetual license with maintenance as a good compromise.

    Out of box thinking - I wonder what would happen if Perch was offered for free, and Runway increased by the price that Perch was? Or have a free edition where everything…