Restaurant Menu

  • I usually do food and drink menus with sets of blocks... The blocks will each have repeater items in them for the dishes or drinks... but the surrounding fields support different types of list items... I usually have 2 master pages, one for food items, one for drinks and a set of blocks for each. So for instance, on the drinks menu, I'll have s block for wine that have repeater fields for wine, vintage, source, and price... for beers, I'll have a beer block with repeater fields for beer, source, alcoholic content, and price, For cocktails, repeater fields for drink name, description and price... So build out the blocks you need for each type of menu item... Outside the menu items themselves, each block tends to have a title, subtitle, optional header note and optional footer note.

  • Thanks for your replies. I have opted for the multiple item regions option.

    I'm trying to add a checkbox for dietary requirements - the code below works however the perch tags are outputted in the source code... is something wrong?

    <perch:if exists="vegetarian OR vegan OR glutenfree">

    <table class="dietary-requirements">


    <perch:if exists="vegetarian">

    <td class="vegetarian"><perch:input id="vegetarian" type="checkbox" label="Vegetarian"></td>


    <perch:if exists="vegan">

    <td class="vegan"><perch:input id="vegan" type="checkbox" label="Vegan"></td>


    <perch:if exists="glutenfree">

    <td class="gluten-free"><perch:input id="glutenfree" type="checkbox" label="Gluten Free"></td>






  • Thanks Clive, that's solved the issue of outputting the tags in the source, however, it is now outputting/rendering "1" on the page when each checkbox is selected. Any ideas why this would be?


  • A checkboxes default value is one, if you want it to be different you need to add it to the tags

    <content id="vegetarian" type="checkbox" value="Vegetarian" label="Vegetarian">

    But you probably don't need to even output the value as you are already using a perch:if check

    1. <perch:if exists="vegetarian">
    2.     <td class="vegetarian">Vegetarian</td>
    3. </perch:if>
  • You can add a suppress attribute to the tag and stick it at the top of the page, something like