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    I must admit, it's impossible for us developers quoting for projects to consider Perch in upcoming projects with this unknown timetable and uncertainty. As much as I've loved Perch (& Runway) with nearly 70 licenses and becoming a registered developer a few years ago, I'm around 6 weeks away from moving to another provider for new projects.

    It's not a decision I've taken lightly, but the choice of product is so critical to the quality of product I deliver. With the recent silence, delays, lack of support and updates, it's one I've had to take. I am the biggest Perch fan going, and will never rule out a return, but in it's current state it just doesn't match my very minimum requirements for a product that I rely upon daily.

    I must admit, I haven't got much to add. I think the points covered by hus_hmd and Tobe echo my thoughts. We all want Perch to succeed and we're all very excited to see improvements on the details that really improve the overall product.

    The communication side of things is key for me, timescales don't bother me but knowing what's happening and what future plans are is super important for both me and my clients, so we can make decisions and plan future development releases. The lack of updates, radio silence and and social stagnation has almost made Perch untenable for me as a product for my clients, but I'm hoping for some news/announcements early Q1 so I can make an informed decision and hopefully continue to use Perch (it's a fantastic unrivalled product, it just needs some love, care and attention in the details!).

    Hey Ryan,

    Does this app work with the Perch Members / Shop Customers registration forms too? I don't think those have a spam section, so I was wondering if this was only for custom Forms such as contact submissions.


    It doesn't currently, only Perch Forms unfortunately.

    That was my first port of call - I've reduced to two for now to see if I can get the index down. I'm hoping Perch 4 can bring some improvements and optimisations in this area!


    I have an issue with reordering items in a collection, where basically the site returns 500 error and a connection timeout upon save of a reorder. The site has over about 10 collections and there's about 1000 items, so it's a larger dataset.

    When running a reorder on a smaller collection, there seems to be a specific slow query both on production server and local testing environment:

    1. SELECT * FROM perch3_collection_revisions r WHERE itemID=3410 LIMIT 1

    It takes "2.8132" to execute and is called for each item in the collection I believe? The collection_revisions table has 2928 rows in.

    The php function is:

    1. PerchContent_CollectionItems.class.php: PerchContent_CollectionItems->find_item_revision():


    Cheers as always,

    Ryan :burd1fly:

    Hi Jakeness,

    You'd use the perch:error on the honeypot field, not the g-recaptcha-response field. I'm not sure if Perch natively has an error for the honeypot field, but you could use the following to catch all types of errors:

    1. <perch:error for="all" type="general">


    I don't think this feature currently exists, but it'd be awesome if we could add a filter to `perch:related` to choose from a subset of collection items (e.g. exclude items in a collection with a 'hidden' tag).


    Ryan :burd1fly:

    This is down to the way Recaptcha v3 works (google: recaptcha v3 marking as spam and you'll see the issues developers are having).

    For a small contact form v2 seems to be more reliable and proven. I've actually updated the docs to show how you can integrate with v2 or v3.

    Hope that helps!


    Would love to see the option to collapse dividers (divider-before="") on load by default - I have a big template with multiple dividers, and some aren't needed to be open by default as they aren't edited that regularly. Perch groups allow this but dividers make more sense within a repeater.


    Ryan :burd1fly:


    I haven't personally, no! It's recaptcha that works out what's genuine and what's spam, might be worth tweaking some settings in the admin console and maybe lowering the spam detection level?

    Have you put the script on every page?


    Ryan :burd1fly: