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    I'd make an authorised area, and use something like:

    1. <?php
    2. if (!perch_member_logged_in()) {
    3. PerchUtil::redirect("/members/login/");
    4. }
    5. ?>

    And then you can format your page for the logged in member as you wish.



    I've got a Perch site running in Laravel Valet, and the only issue I've come across is when navigating to `perch` upon setup, usually you get redirected to `perch/setup`. However, with nginx and valet, it takes me to `setup` rather than `perch/setup`.

    Investigating core/index.php:

    1. header('Location: setup');

    The relative path seems to be the issue. I know this isn't a Perch issue as such, but any advice on why it's not working with a relative path?

    Cheers! :burd1fly:

    I completely agree, Drew.

    An official version of Clive's list would be brilliant, it'd also give my app some weight in terms of trust and increase visibility more than likely.

    Some official way to integrate apps would be cool, though as they are so easy to install as long as we could provide a ZIP download, I think it would be more than easy enough without needing composer or anything. It'd just be a matter of how updates are handled (maybe some API development that we could tap into, to go into the 'Updates' section in settings would be cool?

    Oh for sure - if Perch themselves charged a flat fee to be listed on there, I'd definitely be interested then. I think commission would be overcomplicating what the platform would need.

    Hi Alex,

    1) If you add the input to the `member.html` file, then I think it should show in admin.

    2) I don't believe this is possible as standard. You'd need to create an app to handle the upload process, and the storing of data.

    Hope that helps!


    I don't think taking a cut is good ethically, or good for developers either.

    I market a very popular app called Chirp. I think what it needs is an "official" list of add-on apps, like other CMS' do (Craft being one). I don't think perch needs to handle anything in terms of licenses etc, but as a developer it'd be nice to get a status and a trust level from Perch to help market and sell my product.

    I think what Clive's done has been a big step in the right direction, so thank you Clive!


    Backups generally backup to a remote bucket, e.g. Amazon S3, Dropbox. This drops the SQL file and assets into that remote area. If you wanted to manually backup, I'd suggest backing up a copy of the website files, and using something like phpMyAdmin to take a full SQL backup.

    Hope that helps!

    What an amazing man! Ryan found and fixed the issue in 15 minutes that I had been struggling with for 6 days with our hosting 'service' staff and getting nowhere very slowly.

    Incredible stuff and testament to the quality of people using our favourite CMS Perch

    Thanks Stefan, glad I could help. There's an bunch of talented designers and developers within the community, happy to be a part of it! :burd1fly:

    Hey Levi,

    You'd use the PHP within the subpage.php itself, rather than in the template. So wherever your 'perch_content'() region is, you'd include the PHP below it, as PHP code can't be used within a Perch template.

    Hope that helps!