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    On line 3, next to 'media-box', do either of these work:

    <perch:categories id="catTitle"/>

    <perch:categories id="catPath"/>

    Also, on line 3, I don't think you need to repeat the label, set, or required within the perch:categoies tag. You can just include the id for simplicity.

    Does Perch have a future. Can we realistically buy a license on a client's behalf with the confidence that Perch will still exist in 10 years, 5 years, 1 year?!

    I want to believe because it is still such great software for web designers that want to actually design rather than just re-sell WP templates.

    Anything from the owners to put our minds at rest would be most welcome.

    I'm still a Perch fan.

    New business model just launched. Fill out the contact form. We will search Freepik on your behalf. Change the colours. Sell it to you.

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    Does anyone have experience with this issue. Multiple contact forms on a website having been working fine for 3 years. Stopped working this morning. (Server php version has not been changed, hosting the same, no settings have been changed until client noticed issue this morning.)

    When I go to Settings > Email and try to send a test message I get this warning "Could not instantiate mail function."

    See screengrab. Has anoyone had this before?

    Thanks, Tom

    Hey new owners, are you there?

    You appear to have let the SSL certificate for Perch’s primary website expire!?!

    I am sure it’s slipped your mind because you’re so busy working on the final tweaks to the upcoming “June 21 release of Perch V4”, but please can you renew this ASAP?

    Thanks kindly. :*

    I am officially panicking now. Does anyone know if Perch has any other dependencies, like Akismet. If you set up your contact form with Akismet it sends the form off to their servers for a score and gets a report back, right? How likely is it that Akisment change their setup, are all our forms going to stop working overnight? Is this part of Perch being managed/developed? Where is everyone?

    Forms App - please do keep the Akismet integration but also some built in spam prevention options would be good like a maths question controlled by the user, or recapthca (@ryan did a great job with mbk_forms).

    The honeypot field works a bit but without akismet my clients get spammed to death.

    Client is getting spammed to death but doesn't want to pay for akismet. The honeypot collects probably half of the spam messages but the rest get through - approx. 25 messages per day about covid masks/viagra etc.

    Could the form validators described on this page be used to set up a maths question or homemade captcha for preventing spam, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi, is there a perch content equivalent of perch_blog_post_field. I'm looking to replicate this for a list and detail page.


    $title = perch_blog_post_field(perch_get('s'), 'postTitle', true);

    perch_layout('global.header', array(




    In the above code I'd want to relace postTitle with serviceTitle. Does anyone know what I could put in place of perch_blog_post_field to get the serviceTitle from the query or am I completely barking up the wrong tree.


    Thanks Hussein, you were right about the html files, but WorldPay actually specify how they are named and used (at least for my account type: "Select Junior"). I've had to upload 'resultY.html' (success) and 'resultC.html' (cancellation) to a File Manager within the Business Account Dashboard and then the customer is redirected back to my site with a meta refresh after purchase. They gave me a template for this. Maybe Drew and Rachel went through a different process for the Docs but this is how WorldPay told me to do it in case anyone else goes through the same process.