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    Yes, try this:

    I have noticed that when creating a new page in Runway, after entering the page title, url segment, template etc, upon clicking Submit the user is taken to the 'Page Details' tab.

    This skips the important step of the 'Settings' tab, where the user decides whether to 'Hide from main navigation'. Consequently, clients are adding new pages without realising they are added to the main menu.

    Suggestions: Do as Perch does and take the user to the 'Settings' tab immediately after submit of new page, or move 'Hide from main navigation' and 'Navigation groups' options to the 'Page Details' tab.

    Does anyone have a way of allowing the visitor to filter search results? eg.

    Filter by (buttons):

    [pages] [Blog] [Collection 1] [Collection 2]

    And also a select list to order the results by Most relevant / /Newest first / Oldest first?

    Hi, the Perch 'pagelist' field type add-on is great for allowing editors to select an existing page in a content region. The output can be the page URL, title or nav text.

    I need the same for Blog and Collections, to allow the editor to select a blog post or collection item.

    For my use, I want it to output the post URL.

    Has anyone created a field type for Blog posts or Collection items like this?

    I often use the excellent Skill UI by Tim Kinali to inhance Perch's interface. But I've discovered that when using Blocks, the 'checkbox toggle' does not function until after the region is saved.

    Tim's UI uses JS to turn checkboxes into beautiful toggles, but when used in Blocks, they're not toggleable until after save. The JS is below, does anyone know of a workaround for this?

    When using Redactor in Repeaters, clicking add item creates a new entry with two Redactor textareas.

    Is this a known bug?

    1. <perch:repeater id="profiles" label="Profiles">
    2. <perch:content id="text" type="text" label="Text" required title>
    3. <perch:content id="description" type="textarea" label="Description" html editor="redactor" imagewidth="640" imageheight="480">
    4. </perch:repeater>


    I've never been much of a fan of the Asset shortcodes, introduced in Perch 3. My feeing is I don't think they are very end-user friendly.

    This is why I commissioned the excellent hus_hmd to create Redactor: inline Perch Assets :)

    I've now run into the same problem with the 'File' button in Redactor. If the client uses this button, Perch inserts a shortcode eg. [cms:asset 10 title="Download Form PDF"] instead of Redactor's default, a simple link, which I much prefer.

    Does anyone know of a way to disable shortcodes for Files in redactor?

    Thank you Clive, I always appreciate your insights.

    I agree with you on folder structure. May I ask how you then handle dropdown menus?

    Are you saying your structure is like this:

    - About us <-- introduction page

    - - Our history

    - - Our team

    - - Our expertise

    I find that if 'About us' is a link and it's sub menu shows on hover:

    a) users on desktop might miss the fact that 'About us' is clickable

    b) users on touch devices will never see the submenu

    I'm using the multiple blogs functionality in Runway Blog for the first time. It's nice and easy to setup in Admin.

    When you go to Blog in Admin it shows the Blog names as Tabs across the top. If you click 'Add post' on this page it's not obvious which blog the post will be added to. (The fact is it will be added to the first blog in the list of tabs).

    Is there a way to allow the user to choose which blog it will post to when adding/editing the post?

    Hi Perchers, I hope you are all well and remaining optimistic.

    I wanted to raise two issues I have with Runway (in Perch they are fine) and see if you have the same issues, any thoughts or workarounds. They are both connected with Page URLs and Navigation, dropdowns in particular.

    1) Perch Navigation Dropdowns

    For dropdowns the usual practice is to make the parent have a URL of href="#". This allows the dropdown to toggle and also prevents touch screen users from instantly going to the parent page without ever seeing the dropdown.

    I can teach the client to enter # for the URL segment (required) when creating a new page, but this causes a problem when adding new sub-pages, because the sub-page inherits the # at the beginning of its URL. eg. /#/our-services. This breaks the page and even stops the template from creating new Regions. This is not a problem in Perch because it has a 'Subpage folder' field under the 'Settings' tab that allows us to enter a value. Runway has no such field.

    So, after adding a sub-page, I have to tell the client to:

    - go to Locations tab and delete the # in front of the URL

    - then click the 'View page' button, (to force perch_content_create to pull in the new Regions, because the # in the URL prevents the Regions from registering initially)

    - only then are they able to see the Regions and proceed to enter content.

    If only Runway had an equivalent to 'Subpage folder' field.

    2) It's not possible to NOT assign a Template when creating a new page

    In the process of creating a new page the 'Master page' select list does not include 'Page already exists, or is a link only' like Perch does. 'Local file' is available as a Master page option after saving, but by then a template has already been assigned and may have created pointless regions.

    The hack I use to get around this is to create an empty page template called 'none.php'.

    The client can then choose it when creating a dropdown parent (or some other external link) without having to revisit Settings > Master page > Local file ('Local file' doesn't mean much to a client).

    If only Runway had an equivalent to 'Page already exists, or is a link only' when creating creating a new page.

    Not a good client experience and Perch is generally a good UX. Does anyone else suffer with these issues and do you have any workarounds?

    Thanks very much hus_hmd, very much appreciated.

    It's only for very short background videos in my instance, so I don't think bandwidth will suffer. It was mainly about speed of delivery to countries outsite the UK where the pages are loading much slower than in the UK (not so great hosting, hence investigating CDN).

    I wouldn't know where to start with creating a filter. Though it's not a good longterm solution, perhaps will look at hardcoding for now.

    Many thanks.

    Hi again! I got it up and running very quickly with images. Excellent!

    However, I find that it doesn't work with video. Have you used it successfully for video at all?

    1. <video playsinline="playsinline" autoplay="autoplay" muted="muted" loop="loop">
    2. <source src="<perch:content id="file" type="file" file-type="video" label="Video" filter="cloudinary" >" type="video/mp4">
    3. Your browser does not support the video tag.
    4. </video>