Tag not applying on purchase

  • Hello,

    I added a tag to a product which has to be applied to a member after purchase. But the tag is not applied when the member purchases this product. I also tried logging the member out and back in, but without success. I also don't see anything about the tag in the debug after the purchase.

    Am I missing something?


  • Hello Hussein,

    Sure, here is my debug (split into two posts, because it is too long):

    I added the tag as follows:


  • Debug part 2

  • Hi Hussein,

    Thanks for your response. You are right, it is because of my custom gateway integration, I did not think of that. I am not calling finalize_as_paid(). I guess my integration is not 100% how it should be. This weekend I will look into how I can call the finalize_as_paid() function in my app.

    Thank you!