Remove list from MailChimp add-on

  • Hi all,

    I've ended up having two mailing lists showing on the MailChimp add-on from 2 MailChimp accounts.

    Can I remove one?

    What happened was that someone who worked for my client setup a MailChimp account and I connected to the site. That person left and didn't give up the login details.

    The account seems to be deleted or suspended as we can't gain access by resetting the password etc.

    Is there a way to remove a list from the MailChimp add-on?

    Thanks in advance.


  • drewm

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  • When the client tries to reset the MailChimp password for the account, they get the following error:

    "Sorry, password recovery is not available for this username. All accounts associated with that login have been closed."

    So it seems like the account doesn't exist but the webhook still does?

    Or the account exists but not that log in?