Detail page shows empty + block items not always saved at first

  • I am trying to create simple news via list/detail functionality. List page is showing correctly, but when clicking through each item the detail page shows nothing. Links are generated correctly I believe, they are working for each new item I add and click on through listing page.

    Here is my template code for individual item dogadjaj.html

    This is the list template lista_dogadjanja.html

    And two relevant pages to display the content. First to display the listing.


    And the relevant part for single item.


    Besides the above issue, one thing I noticed when creating new items/events is that upon save it doesn't save all block items. For example I added three paragraphs and one image via blocks, only one paragraph gets saved. Only after I create un-saved items again and press save they are saved properly.

    This is basically the default behaviour for each new item/event I add.

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