Perch Shop Customer Registration Not Saving Data

  • Hi, Has anybody had an issue where perch shop doesn't register the initial billing & shipping addressees? I am getting this on the Debug when trying to view them.

    Invalid query: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'countryID' at row 1

    I have a country field set on the registration form, and I still get the error even when trying the default customer_create.html template. Even weirder this was working the other day and I haven't touched (I Think!) the registration process. The database on perch3_shop_addresses is also now showing a lack of this field whereas before it was filling. Can anybody help me? Thanks!

  • I've also tried the customer_create.html default template too and hit the same issues

  • Yes, this is what I get:

  • Sorry, still no luck! Still doesn't pull through to the CMS

    This is the debug on the User's Account Page Details

    This is the page

  • Thanks hus_hmd , yes it's got me stumped...

    Here is the debug code from the registration page after the form has been submitted.

  • Ah finally! A non-approved member can't be signed in as far as I'm aware and it looks like Perch Shop expects a signed-in member when creating a customer.

    If you need to allow them to sign in, but restrict their access to certain things until they are approved you can add a tag like "pending" on sign up and approve them by removing the tag. Unfortunately you cannot send moderator notification for sign ups this way. See: Members: new member event