• I uploaded the ckeditor to the plugins folder

    now how do I get it in perch control panel for the section below?

    I never used templates, I just added the code to my existing php website

    1. <?php include('/home/perch/runtime.php'); ?>
    2. <?php perch_content('Intro');
    3. ?>
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  • Creating the template:

    1. Create a HTML-file in the folder /perch/templates/content/. For example text_region.html;
    2. Put a textarea in that file, for example: <perch:content id="text" type="textarea" label="Text" editor="ckeditor" html>;

      Using the template on a page:
    3. Refresh the page in the browser on which you put that code (perch_content('Intro'););
    4. Then head over to the Perch dashboard;
    5. Now on the page overview you will see your page with a region behind it;
    6. Click the region
    7. Select your created template;
    8. Start editing and save;
    9. Check your page in the browser.

    NOTE: You don't need to install CKEditor to create a textarea, Perch has a few editors built in it's core. You could for example use editor="redactor in your textarea template.