Members App - Multiple users, shared login?

  • Hi,

    I was hoping Perch Support (hi Drew) could clarify something for me regarding the Members app...

    Does the Members app allow multiple logins using a shared username and password?


    I've used the Members app to password protect a blog and all it's subpages - works great, I was delighted at how easy it was to get setup.

    My client wants to provide a single login to their team. They want the simplicity of emailing a URL to a password protected (staff only) blog, and a single login that everyone in the team will use.

    I've done my own tests to see if multiple visitors can access the blog using the same login, and it appears to work fine. Using the same user/pass, I've logged in on my laptop, and logged in via Members App seems to allow multiple logins using a single user/pass.


    There are couple of (very) old forum posts from Rachel and Drew that suggest the Members App does allow multiple logins using the same user/pass. But these are old posts.

    • I'd like to know 'officially' if this is ok?
    • Is there any reason why this might stop working if 10, 20, 30+ people login using the same username and password?
    • Or does the app not mind?