Error text coded into a perch:forms form not showing when error conditions produced

  • I have a contact form taken pretty directly from the Perch documentation and it functions correctly apart from showing generalised error text (the same as the tooltips showing when the mouse is hovered over the fields) rather than the more field specific error messages included in the code of the form. Any ideas on what could possible by wrong are welcome.

    I am using Perch 3.3.5 with PHP 7.4.4 currently running on Xampp.

    Here is the text of my html template for the form. contact_form.txt

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  • Hi John,

    The perch:error tags are rendered when Perch performs server-side validation. So you have to submit the form with validation errors in order to see these error messages.

    The HTML5 browser validation typically catches missing required fields and invalid email addresses and prevent the submission. For testing add novalidate to your form tag to disable the browser validation:

    1. <perch:form id="contact" method="post" app="perch_forms" novalidate></perch:form>