Error completing setup using docker instance

  • Hello.

    I created a docker instance of Perch following the instructions on the blog as well as the github files located at

    the containers work, I am able to connect to the database via a GUI (heidisql) but the installation fails. I first wanted to try perch but that didn't work so downloaded runway (which has debug output at the bottom).. both Perch and Runway returned the same error messages so I am assuming the problem exists in both.

    Any hints?

    Additionally using "localhost" instead of the ip address results in a different message: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory

    PHP Version 7.4.6.

    PS - can I get this post approved? I've got deadlines and planned on evaluating this product for a customer.

  • drewm

    Approved the thread.