Display additional details from shippings_list

  • <perch:shop id="shippings_list" />


    I've been setting up a bilingual shop with runway, and all is going well so far - the user is able to flick between languages, and the content changes correctly.

    The only issue is with the <perch:shop id="shippings_list" /> field,, which returns the shipping "Title" and the id, but there is no way here to return the title in Welsh, which I have added to the shipping.html template.

    Is there a way we could have additional options returned when calling shippings_list? Would be useful to get the price returned as well. The workaround I've got at the moment is to put everything I want displayed in the "title" field.

    Will this be added in the future, or anyone knows of a solution, that would be ideal.