Tinkerwell Driver

  • Hi!

    A few months ago I started using Tinkerwell, which is a code editor to tinker with PHP code. It ships with built-in support for some PHP frameworks and CMSs, but you can write a driver for any PHP application (e.g. Perch).

    In the context of Perch, I find it useful when building Perch add-ons as well as general Perch development. For instance, you can quickly inspect how the data is returned when you skip the templating (e.g. when using perch_collection() or perch_categories()). Or you can play with Perch API and Runway's headless mode.


    I have opened a PR on GitHub to add a Perch driver, but it has not been accepted yet.

    In the meantime, you can manually add the driver to your Perch projects:

    1. Download it from here
    2. Create a .tinkerwell folder at the root of your Perch project
    3. Place the PerchTinkerwellDriver.php file inside the .tinkerwell folder