Members External Auth

  • drewm

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  • Thanks Drew,

    What's not clear is how to integrate this code into the members Auth.

    Is there any chance you could outline how to get this defined auth plugin used by the members app ?

    Is there a class name I should use or a specific class I would be extending ?

  • Yes, those docs are correct as far as I'm aware.

    Hi Drew,

    We followed the docs and can Auth login to Perch Admin. which is fine.

    But we don't know how to integrate a plugin to Auth for the Members App.

    We are setting up a large system and we want to incorporate Shop into

    our other services, and that means using Perch_members.

    Is there any way you could help with this or point us in the right direction ?

    Has anyone else achieved this ?

    Thanks so much


  • There is a rough plugin system for Members, although I'm not sure how robust it is.

    You need to define a class PerchMembers_Authenticator_custom in


    Extend PerchMembers_Authenticator and implement the same methods as PerchMembers_Authenticator_native does.

    Then when you submit your login form, include a hidden input with the name of your authenticator.

    1. <perch:input id="authenticator" type="hidden" value="custom">

    I'm pretty sure that should work.