Search only matches blog titles

  • I'm setting up a search page and I only get results when searching words of the post titles. If I try looking for something written in other field the search outputs no results. Am I doing something wrong?

    Diegnostics below :burd1peck:

  • drewm

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  • The search handler for Blog matches against the title, the main post body field and the tags. Are you trying to search something else?

    Keep in mind this is MySQL full text search, so it will need a reasonable number of posts and a query that returns matches in less than 50% of the content before it'll return useful results.

  • Thank you Drew! My posts are multi-language, so I need to search in lots of places

    This is the post template

    And the global_blocks.html template

    Is there a way the search can match against the content in all those fields?