Dynamic content in perch: form (repeaters & checkboxes?)

  • This is a bit related to my previous post https://community.perchcms.com/forum/thread/3521, as a fallback solution.

    Is there an example on how to add repeaters to a perch:form template?

    I would like the editors to be able to create 1-n items in the form's region in the backend.

    This would then be output as 1-n <perch:input type="checkbox"> in the form.

    I only managed static content to appear in the backend with perch:content from the form's region.

    But not the real form fields.

    The only dynamic way I found up to now is to make a select, because it accepts a comma separated list.

    1. <perch:input type="select" id="datum" required="true" label="List of events" value="wählen"
    2. options="!Please choose,<perch:content id="event_options" type="textarea" size="s" label="Events" html="false" required="true" help="Add comma separated event dates" />" />
    3. // this creates a select with multiple dates that can be entered in the backend

    But for 1-n checkboxes? has anyone done that?

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