Shared regions not showing after Update

  • Wondering if anyone can help... I built a site about 5 years ago for a friend. He discovered recently it failed when his web host updated to PHP7 and I've had to update him to Perch 3.1.4

    For the most part, all went to plan, but I've got an index.php page, which has two includes, header.php and footer.php. Inside each of these I have perch_content('Header') and perch_content('Footer'). I'm not sure if I've maybe set something up wrong the first time around, but on initially loading with v3, it recognised a copy of these regions in almost every page as 'new'. I had to manually delete the ones appearing as "new" in order to get them to show the existing content for 'Header' and 'Footer'.

    This worked for the most part, but I've got a couple of pages where the header shows, but no footer, and one where the footer shows but no header. I'm struggling to see how I've managed this when they all use the same header and footer include

    any suggestions would be appreciated

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