Text output using replacement character (�) for single quotes ('), double quotes (") and various other symbols (but only in markitup output)

  • A client's site is outputting "�" in place of single quotes and double quotes in one of the perch regions and only one of them; the product description which is using markitup. I haven't messed with the site in a long time and I haven't even updated perch in a while either but I don't remember it doing this when I first put the site together and it went live.

    I'm assuming it's related to markitup and text encoding but I can't really figure it out. I've left web development behind and if you don't use it you lose it so I'm a bit lost but I'm guessing this is probably a relatively simple issue? I did search around the forums a bit ( alway like to check first) and didn't find anything but I could have easily overlooked it.

    Here's a page so you can see the rendered output: http://bmitools.com/ads/produc…easures/tailors-tape.html

    And it's perch version: 2.8.8

    Markitup version: 1.1.x

    If there's any other information that might be helpful, please let me know and I'll grab it. Otherwise, I feel like this is probably super easy and I'm just overlooking it out of lack of experience/practice.

    Thanks very much!!!

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  • Are your templates saved with a UFT8 file encoding?

    I believe so. And when I pull the remote template file into Dreamweaver and go to File > Page Properties and then choose "Title/Encoding" under "Category", it says encoding is Unicode (UTF-8). Is that a reliable means to find out if it's UTF8 encoding?