Perch Shop - Can't get 2 promotion codes to work togheter

  • Hello,

    In my shop I am using 2 different promotion codes. The code applies when a member has the 'reseller' tag.

    One of the codes (RESELLER) gives the member a 30% discount on all products.

    When reaching a cart total of 500 or more the code RESELLERABOVE500 should be used, to give the member 35% discount on all products, instead of the original 30.

    I tried the following, but I can't get both promotion codes to work.

    1. if (perch_member_logged_in() && perch_member_has_tag('reseller')) {
    2. perch_shop_set_discount_code('RESELLERABOVE500');
    3. perch_shop_set_discount_code('RESELLER');
    4. }

    Then I was thinking of checking if the cart total value was 500 or more, and then setting one of both codes, like this:

    No matter how much I put in the cart, it keeps saying Less than 500. I am now really stuck here.