help with flasefalseflasetruetrue on pages

  • I am hoping someone in this community can help me. Although after reading all the angry posts here with regard to lack of support by the new owners, I'm skeptical.

    Anyway, I have a site that was hacked (an older wordpress install that was never updated and compromised the entire site). I have fixed most of the issues and uploaded all clean files and page templates. But I have one issue. At the top of every page I keep seeing the words truetruetruetrue or falsettuetruefalsefalse (you get the idea and a added a link for visual help. I also added a screenshot of the upper left side of the page.

    link: Limousine Connection

    Perch debug is NOT set to show on the pages

    My local dev site doesn't have this issue, just the live one.And since it's been years since I worked with perch - left it a while ago. I can't for the life of me remember why I'm seeing this or how to get it to go away. Any help, ideas would be so greatly appreciated. I believe I'm running perch 2.8 (that's how old this site is)

  • Will B

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  • Looks like some debug code in your top (header) layout. Try removing some perch functions in your top layout and check which one is returning the boolean (true or false).

    EDIT: Is this issue already resolved? I can't see the 'true true...' on your website.