Cannot add new page

  • Hi,

    We have a very old client of ours who is currently using Perch v2.8.2. Their site has been dormant for a long, long time and they have recently come back to us requesting we update a small area of the site.

    I have a local version of the site setup and working and have managed to complete the updates they have requested locally, however when trying to replicate this on our staging environment, I am seeing a "Sorry, that page could not be created" error when trying to add one of their new pages. I have enabled debug mode and am getting the following output:

    The site is running on Nginx, with PHP 5.6 (like I say, it's a very old site!), and I'm struggling to work out what the issue may be. The rest of Perch functions correctly and I am not seeing any other visible errors anywhere else.

    Any help would be gratefully received, thanks in advance!

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