Does anyone know of a good lightweight CMS library/solution for a semi-specific case?

  • My department is going to develop a web application that we've agreed upon is "too custom" to be added to an existing CMS solution like Drupal or Wordpress. I won't go too far into the details, mainly due to secrecy.

    What we have realized is that we still need the most basic functionality CMS systems provide; media uploads and management for our admins, as well as rich text editing for "pages" (or in our case, text blocks/fragments).

    Now, of course we could install Wordpress for our Admins on a local-only server, and then use the information stored in its pages table to output HTML in our custom system - but this feels wrong, as Wordpress has so much more that would go completely unused.

    What I wonder is; are there any good CMS libraries, that only provide the baseline of media management and rich text editing? We don't need anything else like comments, posts, etc. Or perhaps you guys have ideas to make this work in an existing CMS solution with minimal fuss?

    Our other alternative is to use our framework to just develop these features ourselves, but I hoped there would be a stable and proven alternative that we could use in order to save some time.

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