Backslash issues with Forms

  • I know this issue has been mentioned before going back years but I don't believe it has been resolved. I develop in a WAMP environment locally then upload to the live LAMP site. If regions containing forms have been saved locally, the path to the form template contains backslashes, which causes problems on the live site.

    This is not just an issue when first launching a site. When maintaining and updating sites, I often add new content first to the local site eg to test new content templates. Often I'll re-publish all pages to check all new templates are working correctly and then import the database to the live site. Every time, I need to either manually amend the form template paths in the database or save every form again on the live site.

    Two different instances where the path to the form template is stored:

    - perch3_content_regions: backslashes stop the form working

    - perch3_forms: backslashes block selection of "Email address field" for the autoreponse

    Is there any chance you could have another look to see if this can be resolved in the Forms app?

    Here's the live site diagnostics:

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