Pagecontents empty after saving

  • Hello

    I am looking for a solution or any information for the following problem:

    We are using perch 2.8.15 with multiple users. Sometimes when editing a page the contents of a page are empty after hitting the save button. The blocks are still there but without text etc.

    We're suspecting that it must have something to do with two users editing the same page at the same time. But we can't reconstruct it when we try to force the error.

    Question 1: Is this a known issue? Has s.o. had a similar problem? Anything on this topic?

    Question 2: How does perch prevent errors when editing the same page at the same time? What is the expected behavior?

    Question: 3: Does newer version of perch handle that topic differently than 2.8.15? Do I wait for perch 4 or do I upgrade to 3?

    Please let me know if you need more specific information.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Absolutely right. There is no good reason except of the effort. Especially in testing.

    If you could tell me if that would probably solve the issue, we would update right away.

    Currently I am waiting for v4.

  • Hi buddy, did you get any super solution as of now yet? For me even am looking for the same solution as of now.


    Hahu Smith